Products & Services    

Since its founding in 1995, American Union Group, Inc. has been active as a supplier of magnets and magnetic products, including motors and speakers.  All products are produced in our ISO9002 certified factories. 

Among all the products in this company, permanent magnets are the most competitive.  We supply magnets in accordance with your specifications, such as the ones un-magnetized or magnetized; with multi-poles on one face.  You can also count on our special anti-corrosion surface treatments, not only regular zinc, nickel, gold and epoxy coated, but also new passivation and parlene technologies.
Other Products
We are also supplying Magnetic Assemblies, Motor/Motor Parts, Speakers and Rare Earth Materials.  American Union Group, Inc. as a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of anything related to magnets, we are looking for the best way to service our customers.
Our team of experienced engineers would like to help you get from ideas to finished products.  No matter it is Pop Magnet, HI-FI Speaker or Brushless Servo, the new products and free application assistance will be the right solution for your new line of business.  In addition, American Union Group, Inc. has a well staffed CNC Lathing plant with over 50 years history.  We provide machining and casting services to our customers across the U.S. and abroad.

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